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The solution that automates delay claims processing

Add agility and technology to the management of your compensation claims

Our API is installed on the company's webform and is activated as a white label upon validation of the claim.

Our algorithm validates eligibility for compensation and its amount, in accordance with the company's commercial policy and regulatory requirements.


Le Lounge Claim also handles claims for cancellation, denied boarding, downgrading, airlines services (TGV Air, meals, deductibles, seats, etc.), luggage (damage, late delivery, loss and secondary searches).


A team of experts in user and customer experience, with extensive knowledge of the airline industry and its complexities: code share, ticketing, prorata, LB, LZ, etc.

Strong regulatory skills:

• EU 261, Sturgeon, ECJ 17september2015,

•  YUL (CEE 889), 

•  EEC 1107/2006: Rights of disabled persons with reduced mobility when traveling by air,

• DOT Part250 & 382,

•  Emotional pets,

• Complaints Resolution Officer (CRO): training with MedAire,

• Handling of lawyers' files, court summonses and DGAC referrals

Automating claims processing

Dedicated to

Passenger compensation requests are processed automatically according to the company's commercial policy and regulations, via an API that can be implemented on the contact form,

without any major development

for airlines.


Entitlement to compensation is calculated :

• according to a precise algorithm that determines, on a case-by-case basis, eligibility and amount,

• in accordance with European and American regulations, excluding reasons for exemption,

• according to the company's commercial policy.


• A tool that handles exceptions: code share, selection of non-eligible flights, etc.

• Secure archiving of compensation requests (no double settlement)

• GDPR compliant

• Adaptable to existing airline applications and systems.


A fully automated solution for live processing of compensation requests.

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