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The white-label solution to accompany, assist and reassure passengers at the airport.

Offer your passengers the "Smart Experience" at the airport

A white-label solution that facilitates and automates the transmission of information to your passengers, whatever the situation: on-time flights or irregularities.


Throughout their journey at the airport, passengers will be assisted and informed by this interface via a chatbot capable of answering their questions in real time.


Passengers are accompanied and assisted at every key stage of their journey through the airport (check-in, filtering, boarding, etc.).


In the event of an irregularity, passengers can access real-time information on the progress of their flight.


Le Lounge Airport is a solution fully integrated into airline processes, enabling them to stay in touch with their passengers during their airport experience, whatever the flight situation.


In the event of irregularities, this solution provides passengers with information, assistance and comfort.


The information process is facilitated and streamlined for the airline, which can manage an irregularity with its passengers in just a few simple, rapid and semi-automated steps.

Fewer calls to call centers and fewer bad comments on social networks: improved service quality.

Customers are more loyal, and the brand is enhanced.

Semi-automated solution connected to company tools

Flight schedule information (on time / delayed / cancelled)

communication on new schedules in case of irregularity

Information on points of interest at the airport

shops, wifi, restaurants, etc.

Assistance with food expenses

hotels, transfers in case of flight irregularities

Reprotection /

in case of delay of more than 5 hours or cancellation

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